Introducing Palettes

Add some color to your websites

Create color palettes right in your Total CMS Admin with Palettes.

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Stacksapp Studio

Who we are

Stacksapp Studio is a creative company, based in the Netherlands. We create cool stuff for our (international) clients and have done so for almost two decades.

What we do

We have been building websites and developing content since the dawning age of the internet. Of the many online tools, we prefer RapidWeaver and Stacks to create beautiful websites.

What you get

Buy one of our project files and you will own a smart system that is beautifully designed and that will take your websites to a higher level.

This is Palettes

Create Beautiful Palettes

Create color palettes right in your Total CMS Admin.

Palettes is a great way to give your clients control over color schemes on their website. Or use it to create multiple color palettes for your clients without even opening your Stacks-based or RapidWeaver project.

Remote Color Control

Use Palettes to control colors on your website, without going back to your project file. Give pages a different color or apply alternative colors to various sections within a page.

Palettes can be the starting point for your new project. You can also incorporate it into your existing projects and add new color functionality in no time.

Bright as a Button

Have full control over your site’s backgrounds, font colors, buttons (also shape and sizes!) and components, such as tabs and accordions. Use hex, rgb codes, or common CSS values as ‘blue’, ‘purple’ or ‘tomato’. You can even go wild with gradients or background images. Anything CSS can handle, will go.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Palettes is built with Total CMS [#] and Foundation 6 [#] by Weaver’s Space. Apart from Page Safe [#] to lock down your Admin, no extra stacks are needed. It works with RapidWeaver [#] by Realmac and Stacks [#] by Yourhead.

[#] Stacks and licenses are not included.

RapidWeaver-like Web Interface

Palettes is a thought-through extra for any RapidWeaver or Stacks Based website. The project has a well designed, RapidWeaver-like interface Admin and some great example front-end pages that wil help you get started building your website. And yes, it also works with Total CMS Blog.

As Seen on Weaver’s Space Summit

The basis of Palettes was demonstrated during the 2021 Weaver’s Space Summit and has since been developed further to a stand-alone project with lots of enhancements.